We can help you with

Email Business Model And Sales Strategy


Together with you, we create winning strategy for: 
  • Email LIST- Building and how to get more subscribers
  • Email Relationship and engagement with your customers.
  • making EMAIL your SALES channel
  • improving Email Communication
  • improving Email Deliverability 
  • improving overall Email Stats
  • review of Autoresponder sequences

Copywriting And Email Reviews



Email business strategy

Writing Emails, it’s not so trivial as it seems. The old way of using EMAIL channel for sending newsletters is over.  To build a strong relationship with an EMAIL list and turn Email Channel into Sales channel you got to know how to communicate and write.
If you already have an EMAIL List but  it does not bring you wanted results, let’s do a review of:


  • Email Sequences and Cycles
  • Email style and structure
  • Copywriting
  • Email Engagement  and Stats Review
  • Sales offers and style
  • Content-Relationship-Promotional Emails
  • Split testing
It’s hard to improve things if you don’t know what ‘s the problem. That’s the easiest way to let money slip away!

People want to know they are in the hands of people who care.