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Email Connecting is specialized for EMAIL consulting and helping corporates, bloggers and online entrepreneurs to establish EMAIL PERSONALITY or better to say CONNECTION with their customers.  
Value of Email has unlimited potential. Once you know the process, and how to communicate it is a fantastic adventure of building the successful and prosperous sales channel with just SIMPLE EMAIL. 
Kate S Angel


Kate S. Angel ( full name Katarina Spoljaric) is leading founder of EMAIL Connecting, a Europen entrepreneur, author, Business & Life Coach, Consultant for eMail Business Strategy, NLP & LOA Practitioner, tech lover, blogger, a visioner. After rich management experience in the corporate world, she found true love in online entrepreneurship and email consultancy. She spent last two years in research of different online business models, analyzing thousands and thousands written emails as well as email lists of the bloggers and online entrepreneurs in various niches. Dedicated to her passion, she discovered the repeating pattern and missing tool for BLOGGING SUCCESS. She wrote an ebook "How To Monetize Email List – The Ultimate Guide For Bloggers And Online Entrepreneurs" which can be truly someone’s missing tools for great online success. She combines different personal development strategies along with other email marketing methods gathered throughout the years of research for creating successful email connection. 

Building successful email channel requires quality data, knowledge and tools.



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